11 Best Advanced Endpoint Security Tools – 2024

11 Best Advanced Endpoint Security Tools – 2024

Endpoint security tools are important parts of cybersecurity in order to keep computers, phones, and servers safe from threats and bad behavior.

Every enterprise, regardless of size, has a digital perimeter. This perimeter comprises all the devices, or endpoints, which connect to your IT network and their cybersecurity protections.

Why Endpoint Security tools are necessary?

Protection against viruses and malware: This is the most basic type of device protection. By screening, finding, and getting rid of viruses, worms, trojans, and ransomware, these tools protect you from different malware.

Firewalls: Based on security rules that have already been set, firewalls control incoming and outbound network data. They set a wall between safe internal networks and public networks like the Internet that can’t be trusted.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): These tools watch network traffic to find and stop attacks of security holes. Usually, hostile inputs that attempt to crash or take control of systems exploit these flaws.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): EDR tools keep an eye on endpoints and record data all the time. This data can be used to hunt for threats, find complex threats, and handle cyber incidents.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): DLP tools stop employees from sharing private data outside of the company network. They find data that is being used, data that is moving, and data that is at rest and keep an eye on it.

Email Security: Because email is a common way for threats like phishing attacks to get in, email security tools are made to find and stop threats sent through email.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): MDM solutions help keep mobile devices that connect to business networks and data safe, especially with the rise of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) rules.

Patch management includes keeping software up to date and fixing security holes on endpoints on a daily basis.

Encryption: Storing data on endpoints in encrypted form protects the data even if the device is lost or stolen.

Zero Trust Security Models: This method believes that no person or thing on or off the network can be trusted by default, and every request for entry needs to be checked.

In this article, we list the 10 Best advanced endpoint security tools. These can include laptop and desktop computers and mobile and IoT devices.

As more individuals connect to your network, the larger and more porous your digital perimeter becomes, creating potential infiltration by hackers.

Table of Contents

Why Endpoint Security Important ?
Next-generation Endpoint Security
What is EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms), and why it’s Essential?
Best Endpoint Security Tools of 2024 Features
Best Endpoint Security Tools of 2024
1.ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus
2.ESET Endpoint Security
3.Trend Micro Apex One
4.Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response
5.Stormshield Endpoint Security
6.CrowdStrike Falcon Insight
7.Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection
8.Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection
9.Panda Endpoint Protection
10.FireEye Endpoint Security
11.Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

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Why Endpoint Security Important ?

You can think of each connecting endpoint as a new gateway for users and hackers to access your most important digital assets.

And not only that, even the endpoints can become the target of various cyber-attacks, including ransomware, cryptojacking, phishing, and fileless malware. 

Generally, not every endpoint connecting to your business IT infrastructure provides a consistent layer of cybersecurity; some only use their default protections, which prove woefully inadequate against hackers. This is where endpoint security steps in.

Next-generation Endpoint Security

Next-generation endpoint protection allows IT, security teams to monitor and secure all connected devices from a centralized location, ensuring consistent protection across the network.

With next-generation antivirus capabilities, endpoint protection prevents, detects, and removes cyber threats like ransomware that would otherwise penetrate your initial defenses.

However, Endpoint Security does so much more than that. Here we have an example, sandboxing IT members can analyze and evaluate unknown programs by safely observing their behaviors. 

Through EDR, endpoint security tools can uncover dwelling threats and alert your security team. Next-generation firewalls monitor digital traffic coming into and leaving the network, tracking and blocking malicious or suspicious traffic and domains.

And with application control, you can extend your cybersecurity to the data collected and transferred through apps on your devices. Hence, endpoint protection is a necessary building block for any enterprise nowadays.

Here you can find the Endpoint protection reviews.

What is EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms), and why it’s Essential?

EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms) are traditional security solutions that have been around the enterprise for a little over thirty years. They generally provide anti-malware protection and have an element of machine learning in them. 

Generally, Antivirus programs cover all the options for regulatory, governance, and compliance audits, but they offer organizations limited benefits in terms of security.

Although antivirus solutions protect virtually all endpoints and servers worldwide, security breaches continue to occur at an alarming rate. 

This is mainly because traditional antivirus is a signature-based security tool that focuses on detecting known threats and responding to them once they have penetrated the network.

Expert attackers can circumvent the antivirus with automated and cheap online tools that generate countless unique and unknown attacks.

Hence, endpoint solutions are being required by security teams to be the primary tool an incident occurs to help identify the scope and impact of how this malware got into the environment and where it may have gone now.

In short, Endpoint Security Tools simply protect your enterprise or home office network from things like malware, ransomware, and other major security threats.

Note: This list of Endpoint Security Tools not based on any preference, it is only a compilation. You can select the tool based on your requirements.

Best Endpoint Security Tools of 2024 Features

Best Endpoint Security Tools of 2024Features1.ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager PlusAssessment of Vulnerability
Care for Patches
Management of Assets
Management of Compliance
Tracking of Remediation2.ESET Endpoint SecuritySpyware and virus protection
Controlling the Device
Manage the web
Hide from ransomware
Smart Memory Scanner3.Trend Micro Apex OneProtection for Endpoints
Finding threats and responding to them
Analysis of Behavior
Firewalls and stopping intrusions
In charge of applications4.Symantec Endpoint Detection and ResponseIsolation and quarantine of endpoints
Tools for Forensic Analysis
Integration with event and information management for security
Management Console in the cloud
Actions Taken Automatically5. Stormshield Endpoint SecurityLocking up data
Analysis of Behavior
Management Console in One Place
Putting together threat intelligence
Monitoring and being able to see endpoints6.CrowdStrike Falcon InsightFinding and responding to endpoints
Threat Hunting in Real Time
Analysis of Behavior
Finding and stopping malware
Architecture Built for the Cloud7.Cybereason Total Enterprise ProtectionInvestigation and Response to an Incident
Looking at network traffic
Finding Attacks Without Files
Putting together threat intelligence
Management Console in One Place8.Malwarebytes Endpoint ProtectionFinding Malware Without Signatures
Protect Against Ransomware
Analysis of Behavior
Getting rid of exploits
Isolation of Endpoints9.Panda Endpoint ProtectionIn charge of applications
Management Console in One Place
Getting reports and data
Management and access from afar10.FireEye Endpoint SecurityProtect against malware
Tools for Forensic Analysis
Investigation and Response to an Incident
Management in the cloud
Endpoint Protection in Real Time11.Comodo Advanced Endpoint ProtectionArchitecture for Default Deny Security
Technology for Containment
Finding and responding to endpoints
Protection from viruses and bugs
The host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) and firewall

Best Endpoint Security Tools of 2024

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ESET Endpoint Security

Trend Micro Apex One

Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response

Stormshield Endpoint Security

CrowdStrike Falcon Insight

Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Panda Endpoint Protection

FireEye Endpoint Security

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

1. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Using a risk-based methodology, ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus ranks vulnerabilities according to the danger they represent to your network and suggests which ones to fix first.

With Vulnerability Manager Plus’s built-in patching mechanism, you can be assured that your endpoints are secure and clear of vulnerabilities.


Find security issues and incorrect settings fast.

Multiple OSes, third-party apps, and network devices have automatic patches.

uses sophisticated threat intelligence to find zero-day issues and give workarounds before solutions are available.

Use the latest CIS benchmarks and build detailed compliance reports to guarantee your network meets industry security and compliance standards.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Comprehensive Vulnerability AssessmentComplexity for Large EnvironmentsRisk-based PrioritizationLearning CurvePatch Management IntegrationIntegration LimitationsRemediation GuidanceContinuous Monitoring Requirements

2. ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security Image Credits: ESET

Simple, small installations are ideal for mobile networks, and ESET is built with them in mind. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) without an in-house IT department can benefit from anti-malware software that is both simple and fast-running.

To stop malware from infecting other users, business endpoint security solutions offer proactive protection against online and offline notifications. Because of this, they were recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant analysis.

In order to ensure smooth service and high production, antivirus and antispyware software is designed for use in work situations.In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, a single layer of defense is insufficient.

Consequently, malware can be detected before, during, and after execution by any ESET endpoint product. ESET provides the maximum level for malware prevention by addressing every lifecycle stage.


Trojans, worms, viruses, ransomware, and spyware are all scanned and blocked in real-time by ESET Endpoint Security.

Web management and filtering keep endpoints safe from websites and material that could be harmful.

With a firewall, ESET Endpoint Security controls and monitors endpoint network data.

The system manages how the company uses external devices, like USB drives.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Effective Malware ProtectionComplexity for Initial ConfigurationLow System ImpactAdditional Modules for Full Feature SetCentralized ManagementLimited Cloud Management OptionsEndpoint Detection and Response (EDRAdvanced Reporting Customization

ESET Endpoint SecurityTrial / Demo

3. Trend Micro Apex One

With an emphasis on machine learning, exploitation security, and multi-layered protection, Trend Micro offers a comprehensive suite of EDR and EPP solutions that should cater to the needs of all buyers.

With its endpoint security, data protection, and cloud security offerings, Trend Micro is a top choice for both large and small businesses. Trend Micro is a security company that studies business security and protects mobile and desktop devices.

This solution stands out because it connects the entire Trend Micro ecosystem to endpoints, allowing for a granular detection information system and a high detection rate.

Key features

Apex One protects endpoints from known and unknown threats with advanced antivirus and antimalware.

The answer detects and stops zero-day and unknown attacks using behavioral analysis and machine learning.

Apex One web threat security protects against web attacks.

Built-in firewalls and IPSs enable endpoints monitor and regulate network traffic.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Comprehensive Threat ProtectionSome editions only have a few features.Advanced Behavioral AnalysisProblems with CompatibilityCentralized ManagementProblems with customer serviceEndpoint Detection and Response (EDR):

Trend Micro Apex One Trial / Demo

4. Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response

Comprehensive endpoint visibility, automated threat hunting, and enterprise-wide breach protection are all provided by Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Cloud.

In order to put a company in a better position to withstand cyber assaults, they can employ Symantec EDR, a cloud-based service that can be set up in a matter of minutes.
A short way to describe Symantec Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is as a set of technologies and tools used to keep computer hardware, or endpoints, safe from possible threats.

Tools that recognize possible malicious endpoint movements are the building blocks of EDR programs. Continuous monitoring typically achieves this.

By collecting data from endpoint devices and utilizing that data to identify and respond to possible external threats, EDR ideally grants an organization endpoint prominence.

Key features

Symantec EDR shows real-time endpoint behavior.

The solution detects and stops known and novel attacks using machine learning, threat intelligence, and behavioral analysis.

By providing endpoint telemetry and historical data, Symantec EDR allows complete event investigations.

The system enables security analysts locate and query endpoints for proactive threat hunting.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Advanced Threat DetectionMore difficult to learnReal-time Endpoint VisibilityHelp With ProblemsIncident Investigation and ResponseThreat Hunting

Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response Trial /Demo

5. Stormshield Endpoint Security

Common indicators of security breaches include user opinion and the efficacy of signature-based solutions, such as antivirus software.Businesses are still at risk, even with basic security measures.

Stormshield Endpoint Security ensures that all computers, including servers, workstations, and terminals, follow established and granularly controlled power-over procedures in order to protect against these vulnerabilities.

Stormshield Endpoint Security can meet the security requirements of operational technology and point-of-sale devices in confined spaces.No additional system connectors are needed, and workstations are unaffected by this organic, autonomous real-time security.


Antivirus and antimalware software can eradicate known and undiscovered viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other dangers.

Stormshield Endpoint Security inhibits aberrant endpoint behavior via behavioral analysis.

Endpoint network data is monitored and managed by the firewall and other security mechanisms.

Stormshield Endpoint Security blocks hazardous websites and material and restricts web access via content management and web filtering.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Advanced Threat ProtectionCan drain system resources, affecting device performance.Network SegmentationPotential scaling issues for larger enterprises.Centralized ManagementData Protection and Encryption

Stormshield Endpoint SecurityTrial / Demo

6. CrowdStrike Falcon Insight

CrowdStrike is a great, alluring alternative for businesses of all sizes since it provides real-time visibility, identifies threats inside your software (including Windows PCs and servers on Mac devices as well), and integrates EDR and anti-malware into a single agent.

In addition, CrowdStrike provides a managed threat-hunting service for users who are worried about persistent problems but can’t redirect IT resources, and it gives a high level of customisation in its safety settings and parameters.


Falcon Insight shows endpoint action in real time.

Using machine learning, threat intelligence, and behavioral analysis, it finds and stops both known and new threats.

Falcon Insight uses endpoint telemetry and past data to carefully look into problems.

Security researchers can use proactive threat hunting to find endpoints and ask them questions about specific threats.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Real-time Threat DetectionNot Very CompatibleEndpoint VisibilityDepending on being connectedCloud-native ArchitectureRapid Response and Remediation

CrowdStrike Falcon InsightTrial / Demo

7. Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection

Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection Image Credits: Cybereason

By using its straightforward interface, Cybereason is able to detect harmful activity automatically.Within 24 to 48 hours of implementing Cybereason, the majority of organizations begin to detect threats.

Protecting, detecting, receiving, and reacting to security events are all tasks that Cybereason Services may help clients with.Over tens of millions of events, Cybereason’s in-memory graph responds queries in seconds while reserving all event data.

With round-the-clock monitoring, devoted assistance, proactive threat hunting, and rapid response to events, whether remote or onsite, its worldwide workforce can enhance your coverage, processes, and skills, and strengthen your company’s defenses.

Cybereason EDR is an all-inclusive endpoint security solutions that can detect, analyze, and fix advanced alerts. It basically gives full endpoint protection.


Endpoints in the system can see and be found in real time.

Using behavioral analytics, Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection finds and stops endpoints that are acting in a way that isn’t normal.

Signature-based and behavior-based analysis are used by the solution to protect endpoints from known and unknown malware threats.

With Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection, security experts can find endpoints and check them out to be proactive about hunting threats.

What is Good ?What could Be Better ?Advanced Threat DetectionPotential scaling issues for larger enterprises.Real-time Endpoint VisibilityMisclassification of legitimate applications or data as threats.Rapid Incident ResponseUser-friendly Interface

Cybereason Total Enterprise ProtectionTrial / Demo

8. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

With its multi-exposure approach architecture, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides superior endpoint threat prevention.

This provides comprehensive attack chain security for enterprises, protecting them from zero-hour threats, ransomware, and known and undiscovered malware.
One cybersecurity solution that combines all of our top-tier endpoint security and remediation technologies is Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, an endpoint security utility.

A multi-layer defense strategy that blocks harmful websites, ransomware, and exploit security, along with advanced malware detection and repair, makes the attack chain visible.


Behavior-based and signature-based analysis are two advanced ways to find and get rid of viruses, trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other harmful files.

Exploit avoidance in Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection keeps you safe from exploit threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

The answer finds ransomware attacks and stops them.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection blocks access to possibly dangerous websites and websites that are known to be harmful.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Malware Detection and RemovalLimited Advanced Endpoint Protection FeaturesLightweight and Non-IntrusiveLimited Scalability for Large EnterprisesMultiple Layers of ProtectionLimited Reporting and AnalyticsCentralized Management

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Trial / Demo

9. Panda Endpoint Protection.

Panda Endpoint Protection Image Credits: Panda

Adaptive Defense 360 from Panda Security is a single product that combines traditional EPP and EDR features. It continuously watches and blocks activity that happens on endpoints.

In light of this, Panda provides a cloud-based control panel with features including email, web gateways, PC monitoring, and EPP.
Panda is a shortlisting in established geographies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for easy-to-manage cloud solutions; they have also earned the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

It essentially provides consolidated and top-notch security for all of your computers, including Windows, Mac, Linux, early virtualization systems, Android devices, and various servers.


Antivirus and antimalware software can find and get rid of viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other risks, whether they are known or not.

Using behavioral analysis, Panda Endpoint Protection finds and stops endpoint actions that aren’t normal.

An IPS and firewall monitor and control endpoint network data as part of the solution.

By controlling what users can see and accessing the web, Panda Endpoint Protection keeps endpoints safe from harmful websites and content.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Advanced Threat DetectionWhen legitimate applications or data are misidentified as threats.Centralized ManagementAdvanced features may not cover competing endpoint protection solutions.Light System FootprintEDR Capabilities

Panda Endpoint ProtectionTrial / Demo

10. FireEye Endpoint Security

With FireEye, you may enhance signature-based discovery approaches with firewalls, IPS, antivirus, and gateways.For real-time cyberattack detection and prevention, the FireEye platform employs a virtual execution engine that incorporates threat intelligence.

In order to aid security teams in detecting, analyzing, and countering the complex threats that businesses face today, FireEye has developed a comprehensive cybersecurity solution with a wide range of capabilities.

Simple solutions are offered for small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), but their solution is accessible to businesses of any size.


The technology shows how endpoints are acting right now.

FireEye Endpoint Security uses behavioral analytics to find computers that have been hacked or are acting in a strange way.

ATI, FireEye’s global threat data network, is used by the service.

FireEye Endpoint Security uses signature-based and behavior-based research to find and stop both known and unknown malware.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Advanced Threat DetectionPotential scaling issues for larger enterprises.Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) FeaturesReported inconsistent or sluggish customer service.Centralized ManagementThreat Intelligence and Analytics

FireEye Endpoint SecurityTrial / Demo

11. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo is a global leader in cybersecurity solution development and innovation.

The new Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection solution protects organizations from known and undiscovered threats. It works automatically to contain all hidden files.

The Default Deny Platform upon which the Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection solution is built offers recognized useful data and prohibits known bad files.

Now that Comodo Device Manager, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection, and the File Analysis Platform Valkyrie are all working together, Comodo can offer more enterprise-level design management and advanced endpoint security.

Key features

The solution’s strong security and antimalware features protect endpoints from known and unknown threats.

Because it uses a method called “default deny,” Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection makes sure that only approved programs can run on endpoints.

Using containment technologies, the answer separates files or processes that could be harmful.

Web blocking is part of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. You can protect clients from harmful websites and other online threats by limiting who can access the web.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?Default Deny ApproachLimited Third-Party IntegrationContainment TechnologyComplexity and Learning CurveThreat IntelligenceCentralized Management

Comodo Advanced Endpoint ProtectionTrial / Demo


According to us, these are some of the best Endpoint Security Tools in the open-source world, and the most interesting thing is that they all are user-friendly.

So here, we have tried our best to provide all the information about the top 10 Advanced Endpoint Protection Security Tools, so try them and see which one is better for you.

However, if you have any other endpoint security tool you have used and think is most suitable and user-friendly, please let us know in the comment section.

We hope that you liked this post, and it must have been useful to you; if so, then do not forget to share this post with your friendsfriendssociates and on your social profiles.

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