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IBM QRadar SIEM Bug Let Remote Attacker Trigger DoS

Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in IBM QRadar Wincollect, which were associated with denial of service that could allow a threat actor to disrupt the service from usage. These vulnerabilities were assigned with CVEs CVE-2023-38039, CVE-2023-1255, and CVE-2022-25883.

IBM has released security patches for fixing these vulnerabilities, along with a security advisory. Furthermore, users are urged to patch them.

CVE-2022-25883: Denial of Service in Node.js semver package

This vulnerability is associated with the Node.js semver package which is due to a regular expression denial-of-service (ReDoS) flaw in the new range function. A threat actor could use a specially crafted regex input to exploit this vulnerability. The severity for this vulnerability has been given as 5.3 (Medium).

CVE-2023-1255: Denial of Service in OpenSSL

This vulnerability is present in the OpenSSL due to a flaw in the implementation of AES-XTS cipher decryption for 64-bit ARM platforms. A threat actor could send a specially crafted request that could result in crashing the application. The severity for this vulnerability has been given as 3.7 (Low)


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CVE-2023-38039: Denial of Service in cURL libcurl

This vulnerability exists in the cURL libcurl library due to insufficient limitation of the number and size of headers accepted in a response. A threat actor could send a specially crafted request, which could exhaust the heap memory and result in a denial of service condition. The severity of this vulnerability has been given as 7.5 (High).

A complete report has been published by IBM, providing detailed information on these and many other vulnerabilities.

Affected Products & Fixed in Version

Affected Product(s)Version(s)Fixed in VersionQRadar WinCollect Agent10.0-10.1.7WinCollect Standalone Agent 10.1.8 VersionsWinCollect Agent MSI (64-bit) – Standalone onlyWinCollect Agent MSI (32-bit) – Standalone only

Users of this product are recommended to upgrade to the latest version to prevent these vulnerabilities from getting exploited by threat actors.

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