Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Cl0p gang moves its way into US government systems. It’ll take multiple showers to rinse out Shampoo malware. Hybrid war update. Arrests and indictments.

The US Government discloses exploitations of MOVEit vulnerabilities, and the Department of Energy is targeted by the Cl0p gang. CISA releases an updated advisory for Telerik vulnerabilities affecting Government servers. Shampoo malware emerges with multiple persistence mechanisms. How the IT Army of Ukraine can exemplify a cyber auxiliary. Russophone gamers are being targeted with ransomware. An alleged LockBit operator has been arrested. The FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director for cyber Cynthia Kaiser joins us with cybercriminal trends and recent successes. Our guest is Will Markow from Lightcast, speaking with Simone Petrella about data-driven strategic workforce decisions. And a federal grand jury indicts the alleged Discord Papers leaker.   Read More 

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