Friday, April 19, 2024

A Joint Advisory on LockBit. AI chatbots: the grammarians of tomorrow. KillNet makes a deal with the Devil (Sec). The private-sector’s piece in the hybrid war puzzle.

The Five Eyes, alongside a couple of allies, issue a LockBit advisory. AI aids in proofreading phishing attacks. Anonymous Sudan mounts nuisance-level DDoS attacks against US companies. France alleges a disinformation campaign conducted by Russian actors. KillNet says it’s partnered with the less-well-known Devil Sec. The private cybersecurity industry’s effect on the war in Ukraine. Carole Theriault ponders oversharing on social media. Our guest is Duncan Jones from Quantinuum on the threats of Harvest Now, Decrypt Later tactics. And a note on this month’s Patch Tuesday.   Read More 

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