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US Welcomes Other Countries to Join Fight Against Spyware


A coalition of democratic nations has come together to address the growing threat posed by the misuse of commercial spyware.

The United States and 17 other countries have issued a joint statement recognizing the need for stringent controls to prevent the proliferation and misuse of such technology.

The International Coalition Against Spyware

The coalition includes Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It has acknowledged the significant risks that commercial spyware presents to national security, individual privacy, and the integrity of global information systems.


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The misuse of spyware by authoritarian regimes and even within democracies has been a cause for concern.

These powerful tools have been employed to target and intimidate perceived opponents, suppress dissent, limit freedoms, enable human rights violations, and conduct surveillance without proper legal authorization or oversight.

The US Department of State has recently released a Joint Statement on Efforts to Counter the Proliferation and Misuse of Commercial Spyware.

This statement addresses the growing concern over the spread and misuse of commercial spyware, which poses serious security risks to individuals and organizations alike.

Commitment to Human Rights and the Rule of Law

The coalition has expressed a shared interest in protecting individuals and organizations at risk, defending activists, dissidents, and journalists, promoting human rights, and upholding democratic principles and the rule of law.

To this end, the countries have committed to implementing the Guiding Principles on Government Use of Surveillance Technologies and adhering to the Code of Conduct developed within the Export Controls and Human Rights Initiative.

A Four-Pronged Approach

The coalition’s strategy to counter the misuse of commercial spyware includes the following:

Establishing Robust Guardrails

The countries will work within their respective systems to ensure that their government’s use of commercial spyware is consistent with universal human rights, the rule of law, and civil liberties.

Preventing Malicious Use

There will be a concerted effort to prevent the export of software, technology, and equipment to end-users who are likely to engage in malicious cyber activities, in line with existing legal and regulatory frameworks.

Enhancing Information Sharing

Robust information sharing on the proliferation and misuse of commercial spyware will be a priority, focusing on better identifying and tracking these tools.

Partnering with Industry and Civil Society

The coalition aims to work closely with industry partners and civil society groups to raise awareness, set standards, and support innovation while ensuring responsible use of spyware technologies.

Global Engagement and Policy Alignment

The initiative also seeks to engage additional partner governments and stakeholders worldwide to align policies and export control authorities to mitigate the misuse of commercial spyware.

This includes encouraging industry and investment firms to follow the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

This collective effort marks the first time these nations have come together to develop and implement policies to discourage the misuse of commercial spyware.

The coalition’s actions are poised to encourage developing and implementing responsible use principles that respect human rights and civil liberties.

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