Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Flight fiasco: UK Defence Minister’s jet faces GPS jamming.

Russia’s accused of jamming a jet carrying the UK’s defense minister. Senators introduce a bipartisan Section 702 compromise bill. The Cybercrime Atlas initiative seeks to dismantle cybercrime. StopCrypt ransomware grows stealthier. A Scottish healthcare provider is under cyber attack. Workers in France are at risk of data exposure. CERT-BE warns of critical vulnerabilities in Arcserve UDP software. The FCC approves IoT device labeling. Researchers snoop on AI chat responses. A MITRE-Harris poll tracks citizens’ concern over critical infrastructure. On our Solution Spotlight, N2K President Simone Petrella discusses the shortage of ethical hackers against the rise of AI with IOActive’s CTO Gunter Ollmann. The FTC fines notorious tech support scammers.   Read More 

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