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Hackers Unveiled Notorious Android Brata RAT Tool Features


A threat actor recently shared details about the Brata RAT (Remote Administration Tool) Program online.

This advanced Android remote management software raises alarms due to its extensive capabilities, which could be exploited for malicious purposes.

Advanced Evasion Techniques

The Brata RAT Program boasts various features designed to evade detection and maintain persistence on infected devices.

Notably, it includes anti-kill and anti-delete functions, making it difficult for users to remove the software once it has infiltrated their device.

One of the Brata RAT’s most invasive features is its real-time monitoring capability. This allows threat actors to track the activities of a compromised device as they occur, potentially capturing sensitive personal and financial information.

Banking Security Bypass

Alarmingly, the Brata RAT can reportedly bypass the application screens of banking apps. This suggests that the tool could circumvent security measures by financial institutions, leading to unauthorized access to users’ banking details.


Mitigating Vulnerability & 0-day Threats

Alert Fatigue that helps no one as security teams need to triage 100s of vulnerabilities.


The problem of vulnerability fatigue today
Difference between CVSS-specific vulnerability vs risk-based vulnerability
Evaluating vulnerabilities based on the business impact/risk
Automation to reduce alert fatigue and enhance security posture significantly

AcuRisQ, that helps you to quantify risk accurately:

The tool also allows cybercriminals to manage SMS messages, which could be used to intercept one-time passwords or other secure information. Additionally, including a file manager means attackers can access and manipulate files and folders on the infected device.

A recent tweet from ThreatMon reported that a threat actor shared the Brata RAT Programme on a forum.

Brata RAT Programme Shared

A threat actor on the forum shared the Brata #RAT Programme, a powerful Android remote management software.

Features of Brata RAT Program;

– Anti kill and anti delete,
– Real-time monitor,
– The bank skips the application screen,
– Can manage SMS,… pic.twitter.com/uJMik0R5L4

— ThreatMon (@MonThreat) March 15, 2024

With the capability to take mobile screenshots, the Brata RAT allows hackers to capture the device’s screen without alerting the user, further compromising privacy.

The Brata RAT is claimed to have an array of other features, including an APK injector, which could potentially be used to introduce additional malicious software onto the device.

Implications and Risks

The introduction of the Brata RAT Program into the cybercriminal arsenal represents a significant threat to Android users.

The tool’s capabilities enable many intrusive and harmful activities, from spying on users to stealing sensitive data. Users are advised to remain vigilant, avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources, and update their devices with the latest security patches.

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