Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Malwarebytes Premium blocks 100% of malware during external AVLab test


Malwarebytes Premium earned a perfect score in the latest AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation “Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test,” catching and stopping 100% of malware samples, outperforming multiple competitors in the field, and continuing a longstanding tradition of proven, perfect protection for users.

In the January evaluation, Malwarebytes Premium for Windows detected and blocked 380 out of 380 malware samples, with 69% (263 samples) detected “pre-launch” and 31% (117 samples) detected “post-launch.” The time to remediation was just 41 seconds—quicker than nearly every single competitor that also blocked all malware samples in the test.

For its performance and results, Malwarebytes obtained an “Excellent” award badge from AVLab.

Comprised of a small team of cybersecurity and information security experts, AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation regularly evaluations cybersecurity vendors on the performance of their products.

To ensure that the organization’s evaluations reflect current cyberthreats, each round of testing follows three steps:

Collecting and verifying in-the-wild malware: AVLab regularly collects malware samples from malicious and active URLs, testing the malware samples to understand their impact to networks and endpoints.

Simulating a real-world scenario in testing: To recreate how a real-life cyberattack would occur, AVLab uses the Firefox web browser to engage with the known, malicious URLs collected in the step prior. In the most recent test, AVLab emphasized the potential for these URLs to be sent over instant messaging platforms, including Discord and Telegram.

Incident recovery time assessment: With the various cybersecurity products installed, AVLab measures whether the evaluated product detects a malware sample, when it detects a sample, and how long it took to detect that sample. The last metric is referred to as “Remediation Time.”

In the January evaluation, AVLab tested 12 cybersecurity products (one of which included ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes). Just more than half of the products blocked 100% of the malware samples tested, and of those products, only one had a quicker Remeditation Time than Malwarebytes Premium for Windows.

Notably, the default cybersecurity program that many users rely on—Microsoft Defender—failed to detect and block two malware samples.

The work conducted by AVLav and other independent, third-party testers is vital to a transparent cybersecurity market. Users should not have to rely solely on the words of cybersecurity vendors, and vendors should be willing to submit their products to external reviews.

Malwarebytes is proud to once again achieve a 100% score with AVLab’s Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test, a trusted resource that proves our commitment to user safety.

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