Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The usual suspects are up to their usual tricks.

ODNI’s Annual Threat Assessment highlights the usual suspects. The White House meets with UnitedHealth Group’s CEO. A convicted LockBit operator gets four years in prison. The Clop ransomware group leaks data from major universities. Equilend discloses a data breach. Fortinet announces critical and high-severity vulnerabilities. GhostRace exploits speculative race conditions in popular CPUs. Incognito Market pulls the rug and extorts its users. Patch Tuesday notes. On the Learning Layer, Sam Meisenberg talks with Joe Carrigan from Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute, and co-host of Hacking Humans podcast. They explore Joe’s journey on the road to taking his CISSP test. And, I do not authorize Facebook, Meta or any of its subsidiaries to use this podcast.   Read More 

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