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Deloitte and Memcyco Collaborate on Real-Time Digital Impersonation Protection for ATO and Other Online Attacks

Memcyco will showcase its solutions at Deloitte’s annual Cyber iCON event, demonstrating how organizations can build effective defenses to protect their customers against digital impersonation fraud 

Memcyco Inc, the real-time digital impersonation detection and prevention solution provider, and Deloitte, the leading consulting, advisory, and audit services firm, today announced their strategic partnership in the cybersecurity sector.

Through this partnership, Deloitte is able to expand its range of solutions by providing customers with Memcyco’s top-notch anti-impersonation software. The solutions will be available worldwide in regions including EMEA, LATAM, USA, and other areas.

Deloitte and Memcyco have joined forces to create a powerful collaboration that brings together Deloitte’s consulting expertise and Memcyco’s advanced platform. This partnership aims to tackle the issue of digital impersonation fraud by detecting and preventing it in real time.

This partnership will enhance fraud prevention efforts, providing valuable support to government organizations, enterprises, and brands in defending themselves against potential harm. By countering attacks that exploit phishing sites to target customers, this alliance aims to preserve their reputations and ensure their security.

Through their partnership, Memcyco and Deloitte will utilize additional solutions focused on integration and cooperation, including Deloitte’s Strategic & Reputation Risk Services. This collaboration between different disciplines ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing challenges, leveraging the unique skills and knowledge of each organization. As a result, clients can benefit from stronger and more comprehensive solutions.

Memcyco offers a comprehensive solution for identifying, safeguarding, and addressing online impersonation attacks. These attacks involve deceptive tactics like phishing and smishing, where malicious individuals create fake pages that closely resemble legitimate ones. These attacks deceive individuals into disclosing their personal information, including login details and credit card data. This information is then exploited for account takeover and other malicious online activities, resulting in data breaches, financial theft, and ransomware incidents.

Memcyco stands out from other solutions by effectively protecting the vulnerable period between the launch of a fake website and the attacker’s attempt to exploit stolen data. It accomplishes this through timely alerts that caution users against trusting the fraudulent site, while also monitoring the activities of both the attacker and the victim.

It is of utmost importance for organizations to prioritize addressing this window in order to safeguard themselves from potential data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. By doing so, they can also ensure the protection of their customers from identity theft and financial harm.

Memcyco also offers organizations comprehensive visibility into attacks, providing a detailed list of all affected individuals. This data provides the organization with enhanced visibility and enables risk engines to make more accurate fraud predictions, resulting in substantial reductions in remediation costs.

“We are thrilled to establish a partnership with Deloitte because of their committed team, extensive expertise, and impressive innovation capabilities,” expressed Israel Mazin, CEO of Memcyco. Our collaboration is centered around our mutual dedication to empowering organizations to make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategy.

This partnership will provide organizations of all sizes with the means to combat impersonation and brandjacking attacks, ultimately enhancing customer trust.

Memcyco is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming third annual Deloitte Cyber iCON event in Spain on Jan 23, 2024. We will be showcasing our innovative solutions and look forward to connecting with industry leaders and experts in the field. Cyber iCON provides businesses with valuable insights into the prevailing and advanced cyber threats they encounter in the present day.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on cutting-edge strategies and countermeasures to protect themselves from sophisticated threats through engaging, hands-on scenarios. Representatives from Memcyco will be joining experts from Deloitte to address the risks associated with digital impersonation and present their comprehensive solution for mitigating these dangers.

About Memcyco

Memcyco provides real-time digital impersonation detection, protection and response solutions to companies and their customers. Their real-time, agentless solutions are unique in fully safeguarding the critical “window of exposure” between when a fake site goes live and when an attacker attempts to use stolen data to access company web-pages. Memcyco alerts users who visit fake sites and gives organizations complete visibility into the attack, allowing them to take remediating actions. Led by industry veterans, Memcyco is committed to ensuring the security and digital trust of its customers – and of their customers. For more information, visit

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