Sunday, March 3, 2024

Collective defense in cyberspace. Notes on gangs, privateers, and hacktivist auxiliaries. Amazon Prime Day is now a commercial holiday (like Black Friday): crooks have noticed–stay safe.

NATO considers Article 5 in cyberspace, while Cyberattacks conducted in the Russian interest target the NATO summit. Anonymous Sudan remains a nuisance-level irritant. Cl0p’s surprising use of MOVEit exploits. Asylum Ambuscade is a case study in privateering. There are reports of a breach at Razer. An indictment in a cyber incident at a California water treatment facility. Genesis Market’s fire sale. Carole Theriault on the data Amazon customers provide with some suggestions on curbing it. Our guest is Dmitri Bestuzhev, senior director in Cyber Threat Intelligence for Blackberry. And Amazon Prime Day is upon us–the crooks have noticed.   Read More 

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